Diy tips for electrical appliances at home

Diy tips

Diy tips for home appliances should be known to everyone. These diy tips help in maintaining the appliances and also helps save on electricity.

(1) Refrigerator upkeep – a refrigerator is normally present in every home. The most common problem is puddling water under the refrigerator. Most of the times it is the deep freeze section which is the culprit. Regular cleaning/defrosting of the deep freeze can help keep the problem away.

(2) Electrical oven problems – Oven has stopped working properly. Do you need to call for professional help? Well first you should try checking some basic things. Two things to check before calling in for the repair man are the fuse and the thermostat. Most of the problems are in these two parts. Replace them and see for yourself. You will be saving so much on the repair.

(3) Mixer grinder problems – Mixer and grinder problems are very common. Most of the times it is improper cleaning of blades. Clean the blades regularly and see the difference.


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