Amazing DIY projects – Simple things that can save you time and money

Amazing DIY projects like changing plugs

It’s amazing to me that many women – and even guys – can’t change a plug, and that they would rather overload power points because of this lack of knowledge. These overloaded power points are an accident waiting to happen and can spark a fire. It happened to someone I know very closely. Fortunately, it was not major and a quick loan from simplecash helped them change the entire wiring of the house. I’d recommend that everyone learn a few amazing DIY projects to save themselves loads of money. Changing a light bulb or changing a plug are things you’ll need to always be doing. Remember to make sure to avoid all those plugs that aren’t designed to be used in New Zealand. For starters, always go for moulded plugs that don’t need rewiring, but if you must rewire, you have to do it safely, ensuring the wires are correctly positioned. All household power outlets in New Zealand use a flat 3- or 2-pin plug, depending on whether an earth connection is fitted. Let me know of some good electrical tips and any other amazing DIY projects you use that can save us time and money.


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