Safety Tips and Tricks

Safety working on a DIY project

As you perform any electrical repairs at home, always make sure that the power is off. Your safety is as simple as following this important tip. With power off, any electrical projects or repairs at home are not only accomplishable but safe as well. • Always unplug: Unplug any appliance before you get working on it. However, some have capacitors that store electrical charge, so unless you are sure, go to a professional. • Turn off breaker: If you have a well-labeled circuit breaker, just turn off the switch that leads power to the area you are working on. • Turn main power off: If your circuit breakers are not labeled and you have no way of testing, you may switch power off to your entire home. This way you are absolutely sure that you will not get harmed by power no matter what you are working on. The disadvantage is that you will not have power for your power tools. Unless you have an alternative power source. If you will be working outside on something that is close to power lines, ALWAYS watch the power lines. If cutting down tree branches, it is better to have a professional do it. These safety tips will help you be safe and live to enjoy the work of your hands.


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