DIY home camera system that you can add to your home today


Home security is a vital aspect of the lives of many homeowners. The most affordable and easily installed DIY home camera system has to be one of SWAN’s latest kits. The DVR4 ranges include four cameras and screen. Their range qualifies for the best affordable manual installation systems out there. The only drawback is that the cameras are wired and as such once they have been secured they are not moveable. This system is one of the Best security cameras for your home and is available on amazon at a bargain considering the overall value of possessions many people have at home. If outdoor surveillance is a concern, the ‘defender’ range is a DIY home camera system that comes with great value. Manual installation can drive new owners mad and so the most popular kits are being manufactured with DIY in mind. This kit has long wires and is most suited for outdoor use, with up to 40 feet night vision. It is a good standard kit and comes with a monitor, at least two cameras and just enough memory for recordings. It has the extra feature of increasing the number of cameras if you wish to do so. There are plenty of home security systems out there. The two listed are good examples of affordable kits that can be installed by anyone.


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