DIY home freshener


Most of the home fresheners you can find on store shelves contain hazardous substances that can seriously affect your health. Yet, your home sometimes needs a freshener to neutralise unpleasant odours in your house. Most houses have unique, signature scents their owners are not aware of, but their guests surely are. Forget about aromatic candles, room sprays and air fresheners which obviously just mask the unpleasant, lingering odours of your place. You need something that will clean the air and leave it that way. Basically, you need a DIY home freshener to clean the air without releasing harmful chemicals. DIY natural homemade deodorisers are inexpensive, healthy, effective and easy to make. All you need for a DIY home freshener is baking soda, distilled water and your favourite essential oil to give it good fragrance. When the ingredients are ready, mix one tablespoon of baking soda with 4-5 drops of the essential oil. Pour it in a spray bottle and shake it and there you have a natural freshener. This homemade freshener can be used for carpets, sofas or shoes. This homemade freshener can be used whenever an unpleasant smell starts tickling your nose!


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