Tips for Creating Outdoor Kitchen Plans


Are you ready to take cooking outdoors to the next level? If that is the case, you may want to consider an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen plans started appearing last year but will be one of the biggest Design trends in 2017, and if you have got good DIY-skills, it is a project that will not take up too much of your weekend and still leave you with enough money for a delicious barbeque. Begin with asking yourself how much you are willing to spend and what you are likely to use your new garden area for then base your outdoor kitchen plans around that. Would you, for example, like a rinsing station? Then you will need to install a sink with a drain and, if you wish, a tap with running water. Are you often entertaining guests? Perhaps a built-in cooler for beverages is a good idea. Most outdoor kitchens, however, are mostly based around a built-in grill or barbeque and some surrounding worktop. Once you have settled on a kitchen design that suits you, it is time to draw it to scale. This is easiest done using computer programs, and it is important that you remember to leave room for opening doors and space to move around. Whatever your design, remember to use materials that can withstand the weather, a metal frame and cement walls are good options, these can later be clad in treated wood or stone depending on your overall garden design. Good luck with your new project and remember to measure twice and cut once for a great result.


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